Component Pick-Up Unit

Automate movement of finished plastic components with the Kongskilde Component Pick-Up Unit (CPU)

The Component Pick-Up Unit (CPU)

The Component Pick-up Unit (CPU) gently picks up components in bulk from the warehouse and conveys them to your production or packaging area. 

The CPU integrates with a blower and the Component Vacuum Loader (CVL) which delivers your components in batches. The system can be configured with specifically developed stainless steel or polyurethane pipes, depending on specific production requirements. The flexibility of this system allows it to be installed anywhere and customized to your individual needs.


Voltage/Frequency: 230V - 50Hz

Weight, excl. accessories: app. 370 kg

Max. container dimensions (width x depth x height): 120 cm x 120 cm x 180 cm

Unit size (height x width x depth): 460 cm x 120 cm x 164 cm

Component Pick-Up Unit (CPU)

Component Pick-Up Unit (CPU)

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  • The CPU is easily controlled from the HMI panel. 

  • This user interface allows you to set up and save many different component conveying jobs. 

  • It is fast and intuitive to switch between the jobs.

Testing Your Components

The CPU has the ability to pick up the plastic components from the containers for efficient conveying. At Kongskilde, we perform real-life tests and evaluations on your production materials using the CV/CPU system with pneumatic conveying, in the Technology Centre in Denmark.

We thoroughly test materials to guarantee that products can be conveyed without damage to the components or clogging.

Conveying of finished plastic components using Kongskilde's pneumatic systems

Automation of the movement of finished polymer components in a production facility

Case Story

A multinational consumer goods company utilizes pneumatic conveying to increase safety and save time when transporting bottle caps to production lines.


A multinational consumer goods company has a factory site in Europe for filling and capping of their bottled products. The company requested a system that would cut away the logistics of having a forklift operator transport pallets back and forth to save time and increase safety. 


Two capping machines apply various kinds of caps for bottles. The caps are stored in boxes in the basement underneath the 1st floor where the capping machines operate. Before installation of the pneumatic system, a pallet with boxes of 2,500 pcs. was moved between floors one pallet at a time using a forklift and elevator.

The company needed a solution to save time and increase safety levels. The ideal solution would relieve the operator from having to cut open boxes and physically pour the contents into the capping machine, and also remove the need for a forklift and elevator as the method of product transportation between stations. 

Colorful Bottle Lids


Our solution includes two Component Pick-Up Units (CPUs), a specially selected plastic piping with a smooth surface to avoid scratching component surfaces, a blower (MultiAir FC 1100 S), and two Component Vacuum Loaders (CVLs) for batch delivery in the production.

  • 2 pcs. Component Pick-Up Units (CPUs)
  • 2 pcs. Component Vacuum Loaders (CVLs) 
  • Piping, up to 50 metres
  • Blower, MultiAir FC 1100.

Each CPU empties the containers in the basement at the rate of 10,000 lids per hour. When emptied, the CPU goes into standby, the forklift operator exchanges the container, and presses start. The factory runs 24/7 in three shifts.


  • The seamless combination of the Pick-Up Unit and the Component Loader streamlines the transfer of plastic components from warehouse to capping production lines.
  • The pneumatic conveying and batch delivery on a large scale of components is fast and efficient.
  • Processes that used to be manual are now automated.
  • The conveying system is flexible. It operates both horizontally and vertically, leaves a small footprint, and is gentle to the plastic components.
  • Safety is improved as the forklift no longer needs to travel back and forth alongside the production lines.
  • Work is now more ergonomically correct for the operator.

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